Mivie's Mission: Leading with Purpose in Social Impact

Our Founding Story

 A Convergence of Visionaries

Born from Maya Angelou's inspiration – "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better"

Mivie emerged in Cincinnati, Ohio, as a collaboration of thought leaders. We recognized the organizational gap in serving diverse clienteles and workforces, thus creating Mivie: a holistic certification merging DEI, Corporate Responsibility, and Supply Chain Diversity for tangible societal outcomes. Our insightful online tool stands as the testament to our commitment, spotlighting areas of excellence and those in need of innovation.

Who Do We Serve and Why? An Answer for HR and DEI Leaders

Empowerment for Every Community

We believe it is vital to use one's privilege to serve the underserved.

Mivie is the vanguard for those often overshadowed in workplaces. We delve deep into understanding the challenges of various communities, ensuring that our certification drives advocacy tailored to individuals of all backgrounds, races, genders, abilities, and socio-economic situations.

Mivie’s DEI Commitment

with mivie

Championing DEI is the future of corporate leadership. By choosing Mivie, you're not only securing a certification—you're investing in a vision of inclusivity and prosperity for every stakeholder. Align with the best, and let's shape that future together.
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