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What Does Your Brand Signal to the Community?

In the global era, an organization's contribution to society is no longer a peripheral concern but a cornerstone of its brand identity. Delve into your enterprise's community impact.

Our meticulously designed evaluation, deeply anchored in current research, spans 9 pivotal sections, offering a panoramic view of your brand’s community footprint. Delve into 5 sections on internal practices and 4 on external engagements, revealing your organization's community endeavors.

Rooted in esteemed academic insights, influential advocacy collaborations, and grassroots community feedback, our approach is unparalleled. Ready to embark? Simply hit the "BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY" button below.


The Mivie Evaluation

Where Do You Stand?

Through the online portal, our research-backed and data-driven evaluation measures and organizations' impact.

Our digital evaluation isn't just another assessment—it's a profound dive into your organization's societal impact. With sections tailored for specific entities like Minority and Women Business Enterprises, and Government Bodies, we offer an in-depth examination into:

Internal Practices: From hiring and mentorship to embracing diversity and leadership development.

External Engagements: Including client diversity, community impact, and eco-conscious efforts.

Specialized Insights: For niche sectors such as minority businesses and philanthropic ventures.

Our platform is user-centric, designed for a seamless experience. Delve into intuitive questions, and occasionally, expect deeper dives based on your answers. We ensure accuracy through rigorous validations. Upon completion, arm yourself with actionable strategies for societal enhancement.

The Mivie Playbook:

Drive Societal Excellence

Our platform is more than an assessment.

It's a guide to lead your organization to higher echelons of societal contributions. The Mivie evaluation awaits, designed for both start-ups and corporate giants. Embrace our curated approach and lead the change against outdated, biased practices.

How Mivie Works

Your Mivie Journey Simplified

5 Key Steps

Understanding Mivie: Begin by acquainting yourself with the certification's transformative potential.

Guided Onboarding: Connect with a dedicated Mivie expert for a seamless journey.

In-depth Insights: Engage with our evaluation, at your pace, ensuring a comprehensive portrayal of your organization.

Assessment: Our team ensures an unbiased, meticulous evaluation, giving you the score you truly deserve.

Beyond Certification: Obtain your Mivie Score, delve into custom recommendations, and remember—our journey with you is continuous.

For organizations aiming higher, our Mivie experts are poised to assist in every phase of your growth.

Why Get Certified?

Partnering with Mivie

We are ready to assist you in making a difference.

With Mivie, it's not just about a badge—it's about a shared journey towards societal excellence. As you don the Mivie emblem, it's a signal to the world: your commitment to progress, growth, and making a tangible difference.

with mivie

Championing DEI is the future of corporate leadership. By choosing Mivie, you're not only securing a certification—you're investing in a vision of inclusivity and prosperity for every stakeholder. Align with the best, and let's shape that future together.
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